Into The Mouth Of The Lion

By A.B. Kyazze

Will Lena have the courage to find her sister in Angola’s war-torn landscape?

Friday, 13 September 2019

Into the Mouth of the Lion - over 40% funded!

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of Into the Mouth of the Lion! In the first 11 days we’ve raised over 40% of our goal!

If you know of others who are thinking of supporting the book, please do encourage them to pledge soon, as it would be great to keep up the momentum. We have added some new rewards, such as photography lessons, creative writing lessons, and other things that might be of interest. An extra incentive is that the sooner the money is raised, the sooner we go into production, and it gets into your hands before anyone else!

Angola is in the news: Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, will be travelling to Angola at the end of this month in support of the charity the Halo Trust. Walking in his mother’s footsteps, he will visit Huambo and learn more about their efforts to be landmine-free by 2025. You can learn more about that here:

I’ve been to Huambo, and it was very similar in many ways to Malanje, the town in the highlands where Into the Mouth of the Lion is set. Although it was almost twenty years ago, I still remember the dramatic landscapes and the ever-present fear of landmines all around.  It really makes my heart sing to know that the country has made such progress in removing landmines, and that people are able to return to their farmland and to their communities.

Thanks again for supporting Into the Mouth of the Lion… you won’t regret it!

Best wishes,
A.B. Kyazze

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