Into The Mouth Of The Lion

By A.B. Kyazze

Will Lena have the courage to find her sister in Angola’s war-torn landscape?

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Into the Mouth of the Lion: Moving forward into 2020

Dear readers,

Hello! Happy 2020!

When I last wrote to you in November, I had the warm glow of your support allowing me to successfully reach the crowdfunding goal for Into the Mouth of the Lion. There was a moment to pause and be grateful for all the friends, family, colleagues and strangers who wanted to be part of making this book happen. If you want to read my thoughts on completing the crowdfunding, please click here.

…but since then, it’s been busy! I thought you might like to know that my manuscript went to Unbound’s structural editor in November, and we worked together into December to ensure that the draft was in the best shape it could be.

It was wonderful to work with a talented editor to look at the book in its entirety: together we examined the plot, themes and characters; she also really helped with small details that ensured the accuracy of reporting the real historical events. I felt a bit like what I imagine a movie director must feel like: some sections did have to end up on the cutting room floor, but overall, by smoothing over small hiccups, we gained more and more confidence in the book as a whole.

The next step is copy editing; this is when the manuscript goes to a different expert, who engages in a much closer look at the grammar, punctuation, and those kinds of details. From then, it goes to designers, layout, printers and marketers…and to you!

In other writing news, I you might like to know that I have recently started creative writing workshops for children, based on a new methodology I’ve invented: Writing the 7 Senses. Using music, photography, movement and humour, it allows kids to hone their observational skills and stretch their imagination. I’m offering it to local schools in Southeast London as an after-school club, and also as a holiday club for half-term and holiday breaks. It’s really fun and inspiring work. If you want to learn more, please see my new website:

Thanks again for your engagement with Into the Mouth of the Lion. It’s wonderful to share the writing journey with you.

Best wishes,

Amelia B. Kyazze

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