Into The Mouth Of The Lion

By A.B. Kyazze

Will Lena have the courage to find her sister in Angola’s war-torn landscape?

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Into the Mouth of the Lion: Copy editing done!

Into the Mouth of the Lion: Copy editing done!


Dear supporters,

I hope you and your families are okay at this very strange and worrying time. It is eerie how much of our daily lives has been affected, and at what speed. Six days ago I was due to teach a creative writing class to eager students. Now I am, like many of you, working from home, supervising my own children at the same time, trying to make what’s in the cupboard last longer and worrying about the future. It’s not so conducive to new creative writing, unfortunately.

But it does work well enough for more task-orientated work, and so I wanted to share with you that I particularly enjoyed the copy editing stage of Into the Mouth of the Lion. Over the course of about four weeks I worked with a very talented and detail-oriented specialist who looked at every sentence and every bit of punctuation in the whole book. We went back and forth many times, and I am very pleased with the end result. The book is getting better and better at each stage! And closer to getting into your hands.

The next step is the layout and design… I can’t wait until I have a cover design that I can share with you! But that’s still a little way off yet.

In the meantime, I hope you are reading good books and/or writing some for yourself as well. They do say that it is important in times like these to record down your personal experience in journals, so that people who come after us can make some sense of it all.

Like me, you may be disappointed about the number of cultural events and literary festivals that have been cancelled. However, there is some good news: for those interested in the craft of writing, there is a wide range of speakers and workshops in the Stay-At-Home Literary Festival, featuring Maggie O’Farrell and many other writers of fiction and non-fiction. It starts on Friday 27 March and goes for 10 days: 

Also, Kit de Waal and others are organising the Big Book Weekend for the bank holiday weekend in May (for those missing the Hay Festival):

Take care, and I really hope you and your community stay health and safe.

All my best wishes,

A.B. Kyazze

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Michael Burrows
 Michael Burrows says:

Exciting stuff, Amelia! Sounds like I’m at about the same stage as you - I just sent back all my edits, and give or take a few more changes, we’ll be moving on to cover designs soon too! Super exciting stuff even if everything going on in the world at the moment is trying it’s best to bring us down!
Can’t wait to read the finished product soon! Xx

posted 26th March 2020

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