Into The Mouth Of The Lion

By A.B. Kyazze

Will Lena have the courage to find her sister in Angola’s war-torn landscape?

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Cover reveal & publication date!

Dear supporters,

Exciting news! The great people at Unbound, working with the designer Mark Ecob (@mecobtweets), have come up with a beautiful cover for Into the Mouth of the Lion.

As you so generously supported the crowdfunding in the early stages, we wanted you to be first to see it. I hope you like it! To me, it clearly shows the story of Lena looking for her missing sister, in a race against time. It also does a good job of showing the intense landscape, and reminding us that the story is told through the eyes of a photographer, looking through the lens of a camera.

I’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to comment below or contact me on social media @abkwriting.

Also, we have a publication date! The plan is to release the book on 6 May 2021. As supporters, you should get the book a week or two ahead of that. I can’t wait to send it out and hear what you readers think of it.

If you know of any other avid readers who might like the book, feel free to tell them that there is still time to pledge and get their name printed in Into the Mouth of the Lion. The campaign page is still open for another month or two, before we go to print:   

Thanks again for being part of this journey. It’s been so amazing to have your support.

Best wishes,

Amelia K

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Michael Burrows
 Michael Burrows says:

Looks amazing, Amelia! Can’t wait to read it - and so cool that we’re all being published within a few months of each other!

posted 7th January 2021

A.B. Kyazze
 A.B. Kyazze says:

Thanks Michael! 2021 should be an exciting year... can't wait to see the books in print! Thanks for being so cheerful and supportive all along, keeping everyone's spirits up.

posted 8th January 2021

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