Take Me To The Edge

By Katya Boirand

Five words of your choice provoke a chain of creation.

Samples from the interiors:

Take me to the Edge

My love, my one
I implore you
Take me to the edge
Surrender your heart
Never lose faith
And join me in
A dance beyond

Internal Ascension

A simple hello to
Defuse any tension
Dark night of the soul
A rose drops her thorns
Internal ascension
A creak of divine
Negates fear

Smudge the truth

A stranger in time but not in spirit
Lives in a utopian reality
A dream to the layman
He will smudge the truth
And promise a magical
Transcendental eternity on earth.

Protect your heart

Excuse me while
I intercede on
Behalf of the universe
To call upon a
New friend
A magical woman
In diaphanous white
Oozing sex appeal
And joy
Protect your heart
But always be
Overexposed in
Your art!

The moment breathes

Clandestine fire
Waiting to erupt
The deepest treasure
Just out of reach
Leather laces
Anchor her desire
Until the moment
Breathes and becomes
In its entirety.

Control is your weapon

Rein in your addiction
Surrender your heart
Control is your weapon
And Choice is your art
Expansion emerges...

Walk the blade edge

Walk the blade edge
Swing from the highest branch
Ride the fastest arrow
Drop from the moon
And land among the stars
Never lose hope
You are almost there!

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