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Five words of your choice provoke a chain of creation.

Seven years ago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, I sat beside a friend, staring out at the horizon on the flat calm waters. I turned to my friend and asked her for five words of her choice. This time I would openly invite inspiration into my work and allow myself to be guided by her impulses. A chain of creation was born as a poem was written using her words.

The joy that poem had brought about struck me as something I could spread further than just my close circle of friends. I began to ask everyone I met for their five words of choice, in gallery spaces or just in passing.

People from all walks of life began inspiring me and that moment of connection not only inspired me to write poetry but would occasionally relight the creative fire in others. 

Collaborations were taking form with hundreds of people. 

This book will show a selection of these with each collaborator being photographed in relation to the world born out of the poem from the seed planted with their five words. 

French born and half English, it was never clear where home was. A childhood on the Isle of Wight, Dance and Performing Arts School in Surrey, University in Kent then Paris and Acting School in New York meant life was always on the move.

Having travelled the world extensively, unable or unwilling to stop, I finally put down some roots in London in the Spring of 2013. Sailing across oceans, climbing mountains and discovering beaches would be put on hold (momentarily) in order to put pen to paper as well as moulding an acting career.

For as long as I can remember, I've documented my travels and written stories, screenplays and poems that are all tucked away in the piles of journals around the house. This will be my first collection of poems to be shared with the world!

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Samples from the interiors:

Take me to the Edge

My love, my one
I implore you
Take me to the edge
Surrender your heart
Never lose faith
And join me in
A dance beyond

Internal Ascension

A simple hello to
Defuse any tension
Dark night of the soul
A rose drops her thorns
Internal ascension
A creak of divine
Negates fear

Smudge the truth

A stranger in time but not in spirit
Lives in a utopian reality
A dream to the layman
He will smudge the truth
And promise a magical
Transcendental eternity on earth.


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