Innocents To The Slaughter

By Helen Maskew

1838, a year after the Seddon union affair, Hudson and Lawes are on the case of illegal child labour and, even worse, baby-farming, among the mills and moorland of Bingley, Yorkshire.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Welcome to all patrons

Hello to all those who supported my first book ​On the House, the result of which is that it's now in print and has had some encouraging reviews. Thank you all. Many of you asked me when the next one is coming out and two days ago the project to get Innocents to the Slaughter  into publication​ was launched. I hope the support I received last time is replicated for this novel, which I think you'll enjoy just as much. It follows our two Victorian protagonists on another search to root out injustice and this time it's set in the mill towns of Halifax and Bingley, West Yorkshire, and the moorland around them. I enjoyed writing up the setting and spent some days there absorbing the towns' atmospheres and features. They still have some of their cobbled streets, as well as the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and its locks in Bingley. The old mills no longer exist, but many of the buildings are still there, as is the famous Bingley Five-Rise Locks. A great atmosphere for a victorian mystery novel!

I hope you will support this project. I'll keep everyone up to date with progress. You can also find me on the Goodreads website.


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Helen Maskew
 Helen Maskew says:

Hi everyone,

To those who were quick off the mark in pledging for 'Innocents to the Slaughter' - many thanks, especially Jack, Eddie and Nicky who have been stalwarts in their support. To everyone who has promised, but not yet got round to it - I understand - a busy time of year. Hope you will find the time in the New Year.
I'm looking forward to seeing the book in print. Unbound did such a cracking job with 'On the House' I'm sure the quality will be the same. This time you will be sent a hard copy - depending on what you pledge - so it's really like pre-pub offer.
Those of you who know me personally know I am of 'a certain age', so I'd like to see the trilogy in full a.s.a.p.! I'm hoping they will all be out by 2019 - with a fair wind and good friends how can it go wrong!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone - and good reading in 2018.


posted 13th December 2017

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