Innocents To The Slaughter

By Helen Maskew

1838, a year after the Seddon union affair, Hudson and Lawes are on the case of illegal child labour and, even worse, baby-farming, among the mills and moorland of Bingley, Yorkshire.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Innocents to the Slaughter

Good morning everyone,

A month has gone by since Iast was in contact. The book is 'work in progress' and with the editor. Haven't got a date for publication yet, but I know it's in good hands because I'm using the same editor who looked over ​On the House ​and she did a very good job. I hope it will be out by the autumn. I would be delighted to hear from those who read On the House ​as feedback is really useful. The last book of the trilogy - ​Show us the Body is completed. The characters all move forward in a plot which brings everything together - solving some riddles of the past. I hope it will come out next year. I have pther projects on the go but will keep them under wraps for the present.

Thanks for your support.

Regards to all,





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