By David Llewellyn

A serial killer comedy set in a euthanasia clinic

Friday, 20 January 2017

Update / free e-book*

As ever, eternal thanks to everyone who has pledged towards Indignitas. I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know where we are up to.

With Unbound, book projects are given a fixed period to raise funding for publication. For Indignitas, this should have ended shortly before Christmas. Unfortunately, after a great start we lost a bit of momentum when I started a new job and, like all new jobs, this became a little all-encompassing for those first few months.

But bless ‘em, the good people at Unbound love the novel and so they have extended the deadline.

All being well, and with your support, Indignitas will reach the target and be published with the full backing of the wonderful editorial and design team at Unbound to create a polished and professional e-book as a first edition.

But we’re still a long way from the target so I need to let you know what happens if we miss.

First and foremost, you can request a full refund on your pledge. You will, of course, be invited to support one of the many projects – and there are some amazing books on Unbound eager for literary patrons – and I would encourage you to shop around and find the author(s) or novel(s) that grab your imagination.

And because I love the book, and love you all for your support, I will independently publish Indignitas in traditional and e-book formats and get a copy to you.

But I would much rather do this through Unbound, so once again I must ask for your help to promote the project. If everyone who has pledged can find one more sponsor, then we will be almost there. I know this is difficult when you only know the outline of the story so to help you along I will happily send every supporter a free digital copy of the unedited version of Indignitas.

Most e-readers, such as Kindle, have their own email account. (If you don’t know your Kindle's email address, it can be found in the settings menu.) Let me know what it is and I’ll ping a copy across. I can be contacted by email, text, facebook – David A Llewellyn, or twitter – @DavidLlewelly (no “n”).

So, in brief, supporters of Indignitas will:

  • See their name in print in the final published version of Indignitas
  • Or receive a full refund if the book is not published by Unbound
  • Have a guaranteed place in the Kingdom of Heaven[1]
  • Come along to a fabulous party in Manchester’s quirkiest little theatre on 25 February 2017
  • Plus, receive a preview (unedited) e-book edition of Indignitas on request

Thanks again

[1] Normal rules apply

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