Mind the Inclusion Gap

By Suzy Levy

How allies can bridge the divide between talking diversity and taking action

Friday, 6 May 2022

We did it!

Today, thanks to all of you, Mind the Inclusion Gap is now a fully funded book. In the coming weeks, I get to turn the manuscript in to the Unbound editing team to begin the final editing sequence, the cover design, and all the intricate pieces which make a book ready for distribution and the wider world.  How bloody exciting!!  

For those of you who know me, you’ll know crowd-funding a book is my idea of hell.  It isn’t as if selling is new to me.  I sell to clients all the time.  But that ‘sale’ is shaped by their needs, the help they are seeking.  I get to put form around that work and help them achieve their goals.

Selling the idea of a book is different.  It has required me to tell the world about the book concept and to ask people to buy a copy even before I can share what’s inside.  It’s required me to ask people like yourselves not only to believe in the book idea, but to believe in me and my ability to write something special. 

So why did I do it?  I chose the Unbound team because I like who they are and what they stand for.  I chose the crowd-funding model because it helps to build advocates - advocates like you who go on the journey, who are invested in the outcome, and who help to create the change we are all seeking in this world.  Thank you for your advocacy, for your partnership in getting the book this far, and for going on this wonderful journey with me.  I couldn’t do this without you…


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Sarah Whitaker
 Sarah Whitaker says:

That's absolutely amazing Suzy! Well done, can't wait for my copy.

posted 6th May 2022

Jo James
 Jo James says:

Congratulations! Looking forward to reading it.

posted 6th May 2022

Valerie Cleofe
 Valerie Cleofe says:


posted 6th May 2022

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