Mind the Inclusion Gap

By Suzy Levy

How allies can bridge the divide between talking diversity and taking action

Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Momentum Building + May 11, 2023

It's been quite a whirl-wind few months (in life and in the land of book writing!).  I am excited to tell you about a few developments for Mind the Inclusion Gap and the momentum that is building. 


  • Publication date has been set for May 11, 2023.  It feels a long way away, but over the next few months the book will make its way to reviewers, through the distribution channels, and before you know it, into the hands of supporters and readers. We are just starting to get in feedback from early reviewers like this one which came in today: "Suzy has created a powerful narrative that builds on both lived experience and collective wisdom. Her compelling 'call to action' is backed-up with meaningful insights and examples we can all learn from. Reading this has reignited my conviction that we can shape our world into one to be proud of."


  • Ugo Monye has written the foreword for Mind the Inclusion Gap.  Ugo is a well-known sports pundit, former England rugby player, and all-around wonderful human being.  As members of the The Women's Sport Trust board, we've been collaborating on a number of things and it's a joy to have his support and see his excitement about what's inside the book.​


  • The manuscript proof is here. For those are aren't familiar, this is the type-set version which has every single page laid out, along with the illustrations, which gets one last proof read.  It's an amazing feeling to see a manuscript in this state and ready for print.  Receiving it into my inbox, I actually felt giddy.  It's not a feeling I get very often but the tangible feel of the typset version was unexpectedly exciting. 


  • Mind the Inclusion Gap will be going straight to paperback.  That means anyone who wants to purchase a hardback copy can do so via the Unbound site, but only for the next month or so. You'll be able to pre-order paperback and kindle versions on Amazon from December, but there will only every be one hardback print run.  If you want an additional hardback for a friend, a loved one, or a colleague, order now to avoid disappointment! 


  • The final book cover has been designed.  I am a fan of bold colour and clean imagery and excited about what the Unbound design team have created.  I hope you love it too!!



I know that many of you have been waiting some time for your copy.  If you're interested in starting the learning journey, I've done two podcasts in recent months which can be found on Spotify that give a sneak preview of some of what's inside: 

  • ...in conversation with Ben Cattaneo on All Things Risk: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1SWvCAgHo7VJ1kwhAyU40Z 

  • ... in conversation with The Equal Group on Representation Matters: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1WLXrkC4SAm4oQaq9DzvIP 


Whether you're a new supporter, or you've been with me since the beginning, thanks again for being part of the journey and helping build the momentum behind Mind the Inclusion Gap. 

It's great to have you on board ! 


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Tom McLaughlan
 Tom McLaughlan says:

Great update, Suzy. I could sense the excitement you felt when the manuscript proof arrived!

posted 23rd November 2022

Suzy Levy
 Suzy Levy says:

It’s an indescribable feeling Tom. Simply delicious to see it laid out just so. I am assured that it’s nothing compared to holding your very own bound book in your hands though…

posted 23rd November 2022

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