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An adventure story set in a prison for children, where the characters are busy fighting their emotional demons when a real one turns up


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Ebook edition and your name in the list of patrons in the back of the ebook

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Super Patron

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Ebook edition and your name in list of Super Patrons in the front of the ebook

Launch Party

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Ticket to the launch party in Brighton. Plus everything from Super Patron level.

Travel not included.

Bespoke Short Story

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A unique short story written just for you inspired by your suggestions (delivered in PDF format). Plus everything from the Super Patron level.

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Have a character named after you (or a name of your choice in consultation with the author). Plus everything from Super Patron level

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A personal dedication from the author in the front and the ebook edition.

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Book Group or Family Law Talk

Andrew will visit your book group to talk about the book (or come and give a talk on any aspect of Family Law depending on preference). Plus up to 10 copies of the ebook and your names in the front.


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Dinner with the author and special thank you section in the book entitled "Got me a Chrysler, it’s as big as a whale Donator".

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