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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Okay so the first day is done and we’re on target at 1%. I say the first day, the page has been live since the beginning of September but we’ve been sorting out the pledge rewards and typos etc. (yes even publishers have typos), so I didn’t start to contact people until Monday 17th and now it’s the end of day two but what the hell.

I was intending to do updates at significant points, so 25%, 50% and all that but 1% is as good as a mile… or something. I have to say a big thank you to Cindy Bennett, you were the first pledge and I don’t know where you came from but I love you! Okay that might be a bit strong but I really appreciate your support.

I spent yesterday making some more drawings to illustrate the pledge rewards. I’m pleased to say that the prints of the drawings that were used in the video will now be available framed as a set of four prints in one frame. You get to choose which four pieces of art you have so your selection will be pretty much unique. Is it possible to be nearly unique? Is that a bit like being a little bit pregnant? There’s more of that sort of nonsense in the book. Remember, In SatNav We Trust. (Smiley face)

I’m hoping that for the major milestones I might have some interesting updates for you. I can’t say too much at this stage as I’m waiting to hear back from someone I mailed out to 01.46 this morning but I hope it will involve a video and a moving background but no singing. In Insomnia We Trust.

Otherwise I’m working on the manuscript, making a final pass through it to tighten it up before it goes to the editor. Of course, that’s in between contacting people for support. You few guys, you happy few, are the beginning but hopefully we can build a community and the few can become the many … and then I’ll have to find another cultural reference to rip-off.

Keep up the good work folks and keep spreading the word. Remember, we need people who like travelogues and people who like meaning, whatever that is. And perhaps people who like nice sandwiches. We’re trying to establish the hashtag #InSatNavWeTrust. I’ve been using it on Facebook and Twitter, whenever you spread the word please try to fit in the hashtag somewhere. (Smiley face)

I don’t think there are any sandwiches mentioned in the book, but there are quite a few cheese rolls.

You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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Jack Barrow
Jack Barrow says:

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September 18, 2018

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