In Other Words

By Mainspring Arts

A remarkable anthology of short stories by eight autistic writers, with forewords by David Mitchell and Joanne Limburg

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Woah! We've just had a BIG boost!

Woah there!

In one fell swoop, one BIG anonymous donation has taken us from 36% to 65%! Wooooop! We are absolutely over the moon and so grateful to all of our lovely supporters. We are now pretty much two thirds of the way to getting these beautiful stories out into the world. That means that if everyone who has pledged so far convinced one or two other people to pledge, we'd hit our target! 

Please please please keep pledging and spreading the word. This is an amazing boost but we still have a way to go. This book represents eight unique autistic voices that deserve to be heard - and we need your help getting them out there!

Big love,

Miranda and Katya x

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