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Every week we are going to be revealing two of our authors who'll each be writing a chapter in the book about their own experiences. 

We CANNOT WAIT to share their stories with you, so think of these as a little 'sneak preview' of what's in store for the rest of the book...

THIS WEEK, we'd like to introduce you to:


Incorporated Engineer
Member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and the Women’s Engineering Society

I began my engineering life as a student on live aircraft maintenance at Manchester airport with Flybe Ltd. Upon graduating university, I secured a place on the sought-after Ministry of Defence’s Defence Engineering & Science Group graduate scheme working on exciting aviation projects. After 4 years in the Ministry of Defence, I decided to focus my efforts on my interest in aviation training and my significant interest in encouraging people to succeed in their chosen career, by becoming a freelance training consultant and coach.


"Being in my mid-30s at the time, I believed it was too late for me to get into aircraft and aeronautical engineering (which had been a strong interest of mine as a youth) until a chance conversation changed everything. I had been at home raising my children, homeschooling them, and enjoying it thoroughly. I loved being a mum. However, as my children got older, I started pondering over that elusive goal to work with aeroplanes that I had as a young girl. In the spring of 2009, while at work on my evening shift in Sainsbury’s clothing department, I overheard a colleague talk about a college course a mature person could take to prepare them for university if they didn’t have A-levels or similar qualifications. My ears pricked up: that was me!! So I decided to take the plunge. With no secondary school certificates, but armed with common-sense and a wish to learn, I embarked on a foundation course and a Bachelor’s degree programme in aircraft maintenance engineering, graduated with a first in 2013 at 38 years old and went on to create for myself a successful career in aeronautical and aircraft engineering. There were plenty of barriers to overcome, but overcome them, I did. I came across many wonderful people along the way - some now life-long friends – as well as people who believed I was too self-assured and would eventually fail. But this is where I learned many valuable lessons."



Social entrepreneur, author
Founder of

Sarah is a finance professional by training and a social entrepreneur at heart. She is author of The Student Fundraising Handbook and founder of, although she's no longer involved in the day to day operations. In the daytime she works in the finance team at a science company in Cambridge, and in her free time, thinks of ways to run businesses which can change the world for the better. She also does some freelance finance work for startup and impact-focussed organisations in Cambridge and London. She's always on the look-out for her next big idea.


"My name’s Sarah and I’m an eco-warrior feminist. I’m also a finance analyst business woman. I will be writing about balancing my mixed career, with both formal employment and qualifications, alongside freelance projects and running my own ethical business. This path has allowed me to take risks and try out ideas, while also giving me the reliable income you need to survive your early twenties. I’ve worked for small charities and big corporates, but alongside formal jobs, I’ve been working on projects of my own, from writing a book about fundraising for young people, to running my own social enterprise selling eco-friendly menstrual products (think a very small flat with a lot of tampons in it!). I'll explain how I’ve learnt to throw myself into new ideas, and how I deal with the ones which don’t work out, how I learnt to value stability and routine where once I saw boredom and constraints, and how being my own boss has been both liberating and terrifying (sometimes both at once). With a focus on why I started my own business, and why I decided to stop running it too, I’ll look at how trusting my feminist and environmental principles has helped me to forge my way through the jungle of graduate life."


We cannot wait to share Delphine's and Sarah's stories with you.

Watch this space for more author reveals next week!


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