In Exile

By Alexandra Turney

A melancholy Dionysus is re-born in 20th century Rome and creates a new cult – three teenage girls who will do anything to prove their devotion.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Post-publication: book launch and a request for reviews (please!)

(dancing maenad)

All pledgers should have received their copies of In Exile by now. I know that a pledger in Australia is already reading it, which means that if you don't have your copy yet, something's probably gone wrong. You can contact Unbound here.

A quick round-up of post-publication stuff:

  • The Rome book launch is confirmed. Either Otherwise or Altroquando (two bookshops with the same owner, across the street from each other) Sunday 24 February at 5pm. I'll be joined by fellow Rome author Tiffany Parks for a chat about our books, inspiration and Rome. Afterwards there will be drinks at Ex Circus.
  • A few lovely people have already written reviews of In Exile on Amazon or Goodreads. When you finish reading the book, please consider leaving a short review - they're so important for authors, and especially obscure debut authors! The Amazon algorithm is something of a mystery, but apparently once you reach 50 reviews, you become much more visible.
  • An interview I did with fellow Unbound author Amy Lord, on the journey to publication and influences.
  • An article I wrote for the Oxford English Faculty blog about the "gods in exile" genre and inspiration for In Exile. Fun fact: the book would most likely not exist if it hadn't been for certain lectures I attended in my first year at university.
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