In Between

By Maud Blair

A memoir exploring what it means to not belong and a woman's subsequent search for belonging.

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Hurray! We're on the final lap!

Hello Everybody!

A very happy, healthy and successful 2023 to all! I have good news for you - we have reached our funding total and the manuscript is with the publishers on its final journey. Yes!! It will take a year (sometimes a little longer) for the book to be finally published - but we're on our way. Thank you for the pledges that finally took us there. Special mention for Toni Smerdon - such a generous pledge.Thank you. Thank you also Fionnuala Morris and three other anonymous pledges. They took us over the line. But my thanks go to all of you kind, generous Patrons, friends, family and all of you  pledgers whom I dont know personally yet you pledged for my book. Without you, I could have been on the road for years! I am so thrilled to be on the last lap that I could go on waxing lyrical forever! So with a deep and grateful bow, I will exit and meet you in the book- anon. Maud

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