By Jessica Duchen

The mystery of Beethoven's lost love – Immortal Beloved.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

One week to go!

Dear friends and supporters,

You will already have recevied your copies of IMMORTAL, but the rest of the world has to wait until 29 October, which is Official Publication Day. Here's an update on what is planned to help set it on its way.

First of all, there's this amazing modern phenomenon called The Blog Tour. The dedication of book bloggers never ceases to amaze me: that there are so many people who love nothing more than reading books and writing about them is a cause for maximum celebration from the writers' side. They are often extremely well organised on social media, too, which adds considerable punch to what they do (though I hope not literally...). Ten of them are going to read and review IMMORTAL, one per day for ten days starting on 29th. Huge thanks to the indomitable Debbie Elliott and to Random Things Blog Tours for setting this up.

Next, I'm writing some bits and pieces for various webzines with a range of different approaches: from Female First to The Arts Desk. I'll post them when they're ready. Some radio and internet interviews are in the work too: Scala Radio, Talk Radio and the Living the Classical Life livestream series, all of which I'm looking forward to tremendously. And some magazines are intending to review the book... 

As for live events - well, here we have to touch every piece of wood in sight. Three fabulous highlights are, at time of writing, still in place: an interview, reading and Q&A at the Fidelio Orchestra Café's festival Up Close and Musical on the morning of Sunday 8 November, and two words&music concerts with the great pianist Piers Lane for Barnes Music Society (12 Nov) and Maidenhead Music Society at Nordern Farm Arts Centre (19 Nov). But we are just praying that no further lockdown levels are going to prevent these from taking place (and I'm not someone who normally prays). Live audiences will be very limited in number and the Maidenhead Music Society will be offering a ticketed livestream, which you can access here (£):

With the small matter of book launches...I am gutted that we can't have a party just at the moment. Some of you have put in pledges for the planned party, and all I can say at the moment is that this is only postponed, not cancelled! As soon as partying is possible, we'll go for it.

Some authors have been staging Zoom launches and I've been considering this, but maximum procrastination and prevarication means that although a very kind friend has offered to produce for me, I haven't yet fixed a date or even decided whether to do it at all. I am not actually a great fan of Zoom. It certainly is useful: like everyone, I virtually live on it at the moment, and it's great that we have this technology, but I doubt I'm the only person who feels it is kind of the thin end of the wedge. I want to Actually Be There With All Of You. If I do decide to take the Zoom plunge I will be in touch with further details.

Watch this space! And thank you again for all your support for IMMORTAL: I hope that you're enjoying the book.

Love and best wishes,





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