By Jessica Duchen

The mystery of Beethoven's lost love – Immortal Beloved.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Exciting news. No, REALLY exciting news

Dear friends and supporters,

I know everyone says their news is exciting (and if it wasn't then it probably wouldn't be news at all). But what I have to report now is, I promise, seriously good.

GHOST VARIATIONS and ODETTE both came out on Unbound's Digital List - so-called, though it is also paperbacks - and I was delighted with how they went. IMMORTAL was signed up on the same basis. But Unbound has, in fact, two lists: this one and another, which is somewhat more, well, snazzy. Think business class v economy, assuming we can ever fly again. And you know how sometimes you reach the check-in desk and they look at their screen and utter those magical words "We're upgrading you today". And at once in your mind's eye you see leg-room, salad and free champagne? These joys may or may not turn out to be true, and the destination remains the same, but you might reach it feeling a little better supported than you would have otherwise.

And so it is with IMMORTAL. Yes, we just got upgraded to the extra-super list, and I did open some champagne and Tom had your share because I can't invite you in at the moment, and I do rather feel as if I am flying. 

None of this would have been possible without your support, which has made this book into reality. Thank you - to you, to everyone at Unbound, and to those special people who provided the pitchfork that prodded me into action - and let's reach 33,000 feet together!

Attached, some music to help us get there. Enjoy. 

Love and best wishes,

PS - if you are not already a subscriber to IMMORTAL, there is still time to get your name in the book by making a pledge. Plenty of nice options remain! Check the full list on the main project page to see them. 


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Marion Gedney PhD
 Marion Gedney PhD says:

Wonderful news, Jessica!

posted 6th June 2020

Marion Gedney PhD
 Marion Gedney PhD says:


posted 6th June 2020

Jessica Duchen
 Jessica Duchen says:

Thank you, Marion! And massive thanks for your support. Big hugs from London. x

posted 7th June 2020

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