Ideal Angels

By Robert Welbourn

How much can one person change you?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Update 3 - pledgers, start your engines!

Well, that's the first week over with. It's been terrifying, nerve wracking, altogether a fun experience! I was genuinely scared I'd end the week with 0 backers, so to have 10 and be at 6% is fantastic. Thank you so much to all who have pledged!

I've had a look at the pledge structure, and decided on a bit of a change. To start at £10 is a bit steep - it's a lot of money to ask people to pledge. With this in mind, I've reduced the minimum pledge amount to £1. You read that right - £1!

It's such a small amount, but it still means so much - every little helps! Every pledge is one step closer to our goal, and every pledge is greatly appreciated!

I've decided to leave the previous update within this one, as I think it provides some useful information - certainly it answers questions people have asked me.

As always, thank you for visiting the page - your support is invaluable, and I can't thank you enough!

Previous update;

I've been getting lots of visitors this week, which is great, and a whole load of pledges, which is fantastic, however I know there's been some confusion around what's actually going on! The book is written! It's finished, completed, done and dusted. What's happening now is I'm trying my very best to get it published. Unbound like it, and would like to publish it - we just need to raise the capital. I'm so well versed with Unbound it didn't cross my mind that others wouldn't be - a failing on my part. This page is where you can contribute to the publishing fund - should you so wish! It means the world to me that people have been kind enough to hand over their own hard earned money - there truly aren't the words to express the gratitude I feel. I hope this has cleared things up - if you're still not sure, drop a question on the Q&A tab and I'll get back to you as quick as I can.

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