Nearly there - so I need a favour!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates - between editing, sorting the cover, fulfilling pledges, and planning a little personal trip, I've neglected you! You, who are the most important people in this process. Well you'll be pleased to know the book is nearly ready, and should be with you in the not too distant future. I'm terribly excited; this project has been going on for so long, I'm desperate to share it! And another piece of good news - you'll be getting it ahead of general release! Another little thank you from me, for your support. And now the favour... Once the book is released, if you could leave me a review on Amazon it would be amazing! Reviews on sites like Amazon, and Goodreads (if you're a user) are the things that will make or break my career as an author. And, as book number 2 is well underway, I'd like that career to be long and prosperous... Thank you for your continued support, part one of the journey is nearly over. Which means part two is soon to begin...

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