Ideal Angels

By Robert Welbourn

How much can one person change you?

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Competition time!

Do you want some free stuff? Of course you do! Who doesn't!?


As I approach 50 backers - 39 so far, thank you to all you generous people! - I think it's time to give some stuff out. So once I reach 50 backers, I'm going to do a prize draw.


The winner will get copies of my top 5 all time favourite books - you can see what I love to read, and what inspires me.


Runner up will get copies of my top 3 books.


And third place will get a copy of my all time favourite book.


What could be better?


Each person will get one entry per pound they've pledged. So if you've pledge £50, you get 50 entries. I think that seems fair?


If you want to be in with a chance of winning, then spread the word to people you know who may be interested - the sooner I get to 50 backers, the sooner I'll complete the prize draw.


Good luck - and happy pledging!

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