I Went For a Walk

By Gabriel Stewart

Gabriel Stewart decided to walk 1,000 miles around the UK on his gap year. This is the story of how it all went spectacularly wrong.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Final chance to get your name in the back

Hey, so it's been a while! Don't worry, the book is still happening and as you can see on the right, it looks like it's going to be coming out not too long away...

I'm a bit overwhelmed by work and work and work at the minute but it is the last chance for people to get there names in the back so if you know anyone who would be up for ingraining their name in I Went for a Walk send them this way.

It's so close and doesn't really feel real still but I guess it is and again all thanks to everyone who has pledged, shared and helped in any way they could. 

Keeping this short as I really should be sorting my life out elsewhere. 


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