75% Done. 25% to go.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Hey, I have got to the all important 3/4 mark and am very pleased to be so close to finishing. I would like to thank everyone again for supporting me, you've all been amazing! 

If anyone's a York or Hackney local like me, look out for a little article about the book in both the York Press and Hackney Gazette. On top of that, hopefully it'll be on The Great Outdoors website very soon. I'm hoping that all of this will help me on my way to reaching 100%. If people would still continue to share it that would be amazing and if anyone wishes to add a bit more money in to get their copy quicker that would be the best thing ever. But more importantly thanks for the support and for getting me this far, not long to go!

Here's a photo of a Llama I met along the way:

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