Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Can you ID these four aircraft?

Dozens of artworks for the Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Vol 2 have already been created by Andy Godfrey, among them the most exceptionally rare, beastly and charismatic aeroplanes ever to scare a drawing board. Here are 4 teasers, can you identify them? For volume 2 we have gone more technical, more disrespectful and even weirder. This is an even more dangerous dive into the dark exciting world of combat aircraft in all their flaming thunderous glory. Saab, Dassault, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems have looked deep into their vaults to find us some extremely rare photos and information (other manufacturers you are also very welcome to get in touch). If you enjoyed volume 1 you can help us by reveiwing the book on Amazon (this helps more than you might think). Yours in aeroplanes & love, Hush-Kit  

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Alastair Monk
 Alastair Monk says:

#1 ?? Pukarra, #2 Fw-190D/Ta-152, #3 P-51D, #4 Mosquito!

posted 26th April 2023

Giles Pocklington
 Giles Pocklington says:

Er, something East European, TA 152, Mustang, Temp II?

posted 26th April 2023

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