The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes

By Joe Coles (editor)

A brand new illustrated book from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine.

Thursday, 8 December 2022

We need your reviews on Amazon please


if you've enjoyed The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes then do please leave a favourable Amazon review. This means a great deal. It's a bonus if you can include an obscure aircraft type in your review. 

Yours in-line & radial


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Falk Heiland
 Falk Heiland says:

well, to give a review, i first would have to receive an exemplar.

posted 13th December 2022

Kevin McGlynn
 Kevin McGlynn says:

Still waiting for my copy

posted 13th December 2022

Henrik Grønbæk
 Henrik Grønbæk says:

I concur. I haven't even seen a tracking number yet. Hope it comes before the holidays :-)

posted 13th December 2022

Lloyd Crawford
 Lloyd Crawford says:

I've got mine- I live in Northern Ireland and despite Brexit and not knowing if we're in or out of Europe I appear to be ahead of the pack! Falk, Kevin, Henrik, all I can tell you is that it's worth waiting for!!! I've been enjoying it over breakfast for a week now!

posted 13th December 2022

Janina Byrne
 Janina Byrne says:

Well, mine still not received so no review, I'm afraid. It was originally a birthday present for my husband, I was hoping it might be a Christmas one this year, but looks unlikely. What a shame!! However, weirdly reassuring that others have also not received theirs.

posted 13th December 2022

Roxy Gwynn
 Roxy Gwynn says:

This is the second crowd-sourced book I've contributed to and to-date, I'm 2 for 2 not having received a book. When/if I receive my items, I will consider posting a review.

posted 13th December 2022

Richard Frow
 Richard Frow says:

More than happy to review once I receive my copy!

posted 13th December 2022

James Heimerl
 James Heimerl says:

Since I managed to figure out how to get the e-book to work (thanks, internet, for helping me when the author would not), I have to say I look forward to receiving my physical copy. However, I'm contemplating rescinding my support for the second volume, depending on in what decade I receive my physical copy of the first volume. Do better, folks.

posted 13th December 2022

Dan Ellingsen
 Dan Ellingsen says:

I still haven't gotten any notification of either of my copies, I don't think it would be fair for me to post anything about them.

posted 14th December 2022

James Heimerl
 James Heimerl says:

Please provide updates as to when physical copies will be sent out. I have been patiently awaiting mine. Oh, and I don't know if anyone actually reads these, but I had to google the sh!t out of how to get the ebook to work. I finally did, and was hoping you would provide appropriate information to other customers so that they don't run into the same issues I did. Nope, can't see any information provided. Thinking it may have been a mistake to support this project...

posted 30th December 2022

James Heimerl
 James Heimerl says:

I went to post a 2-star review on Amazon, since I have seen no physical copy, and no word of *any kind* as to when I will receive it. I would definitely bump that up to 4 or 5 stars once I receive my physical copy. Funny, it seems a lot of other people want to do the same thing, so the idiot censors at Amazon posted this:

"Amazon has noticed unusual reviewing activity on this product. Due to this activity, we have limited this product to verified purchase reviews."

Come on, Joe "Ain't Said Nothin' to Nobody" Coles, give us an update of some kind. Something. Anything. For real, this is getting annoying.

posted 2nd January 2023

Ebony Wilson
 Ebony Wilson says:

How can you ask for reviews when so many haven’t even received their books? We don’t even have an ETA of when. This was originally a birthday gift two years ago then I was hoping for Christmas. He has another birthday rolling around in May. Maybe I’ll get it then

posted 3rd January 2023

Unbound Support
 Unbound Support says:

Hi All!

Thank you for your comments, please note that Joe Coles is not responsible for the distribution of your copies. If you have not yet received your copy please email so that we can investigate this for you.

There have been some unfortunate delays to copies due to the the strikes and supply chain delays with merchandise. We understand this is frustrating and have been working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Best wishes,


posted 3rd January 2023

James Heimerl
 James Heimerl says:

"There have been some unfortunate delays to copies due to the the strikes and supply chain delays with merchandise. We understand this is frustrating and have been working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible."

Finally, we hear *something* from Unbound. Geez, come on, folks, keep us updated with news, good or bad. Just keep us informed.

posted 4th January 2023

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