The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes

By Joe Coles (editor)

A brand new illustrated book from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine.

Monday, 31 August 2020

We have reached 100% but the fight must go on!

The day began at 97%. I watched the figure rise with excitement. I felt a bit sick with nerves. Then we hit 100. I didn’t spit my coffee out with surprise but I did trip over the kitchen bin during my victory dance.

The ‘Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes’ is now going ahead. Thank you. To me it's more the just a screen of virtual confetti, it's the vindication of many years of obsessive writing. My fetishisation of aeroplanes and aeroplane books did not need encouraging, but now it has you will get to enjoy a beautiful monster of a book. 

Right now we are discussing the contents of the books, having to chose from hundreds of my favourite articles is fun but it is also a little heartbreaking to leave others out. Perhaps you should demand a sequel or two of this book? 

I'm also writing and researching exclusive material. Today I have been writing up an interview with a Swedish fighter pilot about the time his Viggen fighter he met the tri-sonic SR-71 spy plane over Sweden. The exclusive material is particularly strong stuff you will not be able to read on the site. The photographs are stunning. This will be the aeroplane book I always wanted to read. 

The 100% just covers production costs, I only see money on book orders beyond this figure. So do keep pre-ordering to keep me in wine, food and the other weird things I need to keep me going. Buy this book for everyone you think might enjoy it, in fact I don't mind if you buy it for people you don't think will enjoy it. Actually on second thoughts, I do. Just buy it for people who will love it. 

Soon we will be announcing the schedule for the book. 

Enormous thanks to all who have supported us and do keep your orders flying in. 




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