The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes

By Joe Coles (editor)

A brand new illustrated book from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine.

Monday, 4 July 2022

Update and discount code for book 2

Phew, been a long time since I've updated as been rather busy.

As far as I know (Unbound hold the magic schedule wand) my involvement editorially should be complete very soon. I'm finishing off captions and making sure planes I love have a photo, and squeezing in EVEN MORE artwork, such as a stunning camo MiG-25 and wicked psychedelic lozenge Albatros.

The design is looking bloody brilliant.

Discount code TODAY ONLY

Only lasts until midnight UK time: Use code 4JULY, for 15% off pledges (up to £100) on The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Vol 2. Snatch up a bargain here:

Thank you so much for your support, stay tuned to the project page for release date updates.


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Robert Friend
 Robert Friend says:

It would be very nice if I had received my long-ago-ordered book. It's been many months, and no book yet.

Don't ask me to order another book while I have not received my FIRST book.

As far as I can see, the $60 I spent on my initial and long ago order was wasted.

posted 4th July 2022

Ian Stubbs
 Ian Stubbs says:

Before you start asking for funding for the second book in the series it is always better to finish the first one. Then we can be able to judge for ourselves if it lives up to your hype.

The delay in printing by one year is really not acceptable especially as there are many printers in the UK who could have had it published by now.

If you have any decency you will inform us all of when the book one will be sent out.

posted 4th July 2022

Roxy Gwynn
 Roxy Gwynn says:

FWIW, with respect I echo the above comments. To date, I’m 0 for 2 after supporting pre-publication fundraising. Please endeavor to allow me to at least bat .500, sooner rather than later…

posted 4th July 2022

Bob Trickey
 Bob Trickey says:

You are not alone in your comments, I paid up for vol 2 as well, it may have to be delivered to the crematorium! Assuming I ever get to read vol 1

posted 4th July 2022

Les Hemmings
 Les Hemmings says:

You've got some cheek! Hassling for yet more money for Vol.2 before Vol.1, that I paid for in pre-decimalisation £.s.d it feels like, has even been delivered!
What's the current excuse for the lack of Vol.1?

posted 4th July 2022

Shaun Mower
 Shaun Mower says:

Agree with the above comments. I imagine the begging bowl for volume 3 will come out before I see volume 1.

posted 4th July 2022

Paul Bennett
 Paul Bennett says:

This feels like the continuing appeals for funds made on behalf of a British aeronautic icon a few years ago. I’m sure it’s going to be a great book, but I won’t be ordering volume two until I’ve received the first book…

posted 4th July 2022

Brian Hitch
 Brian Hitch says:

As posters above have stated, I will stump the cash for Vol.2 when Vol.1 arrives.

Today's alleged 15% off code did not produce the promised reduction, so meh.

posted 4th July 2022

James Heimerl
 James Heimerl says:

I respectfully request that instead of making us who have already pledged toward BOTH books monkey around with BS discount codes, JUST GIVE US THE DISCOUNT WITHOUT MAKING US HUNT AROUND FOR HOW THE FU_K TO ACTUALLY APPLY THE DISCOUNT CODE. Seriously, we're GIVING you money, don't make us actually do work. Sheesh.

posted 4th July 2022

Neil Ericson
 Neil Ericson says:

It has been years since I purchased Volume 1 and a year (I think) since I supported Volume 2. I think the very least that Unbound could do is keep the subscribers apprised of the publishing timeline. All of the loyal Hush Kit supporters are being treated like mushrooms at the moment.

posted 5th July 2022

michael r arden
 michael r arden says:

For my part, the now near mythical status of volume 1 has certainly dissuaded me from as yet investing in volume 2.

posted 5th July 2022

 TOM SANOR says:

Count me in as a customer that is pissed about waiting nearly two years. We can all see it's 203% funded so there's no excuse about getting Volume 1 finished and shipped! THEN I'll decide if I want to pay and wait ANOTHER 2 years for Volume 2. Why are you spending time on the second volume when the first isn't finished, anyhow??

posted 5th July 2022

Dan Ellingsen
 Dan Ellingsen says:

Any idea when book one will be published and shipped?

posted 5th July 2022

Bernard Toogood
 Bernard Toogood says:

There’s a saying here in Australia you know when more English have arrived because the whining continues after the jet’s turned off its engine. The cost for both books is bugger all. Joe has been providing me with FREE content every week for the last few years. To me buying the book was my thanks for all this brilliant free content. Take as long as you need Joe (hope there’s a couple of pages on the CAC Boomerang)

posted 5th July 2022

Ken Bywater
 Ken Bywater says:

Deliver Volume one first.

posted 5th July 2022

Anthony Miller
 Anthony Miller says:

Joe's shared updates on the progress of the books, and while frustration is understandable, getting snarky isn't helpful. It take fucking ages to make books. Sure some stuff gets banged out in a couple of months, but not stuff with tons of artwork, complex design, factual content that needs tons of editing.

To the moaners and wingers on here - wind your bloody necks in. Your book's on the way, you still get the blog full of content weekly or more, and you're getting a bargain too.

And if you don't want to chip in to book two yet, fine, don't chip in. Entirely your call. It's not like book one is dependent on book two. You'll still get your precious bloody book.

(And I'm sure if this was entirely FAA themed this wouldn't be an issue, it's always the crabfats and the fans of the light blue that winge the loudest).

posted 5th July 2022

Craig Ellis
 Craig Ellis says:

I see a couple of white knights have sprung to the (bizarre) defence. Suffice to say, please free me to add me to the list of winjin' poms who would like to see vol1 delivered, or at least get some clarity on it's development, and certainly before asking for "donations" towards vol2.

If you think that's an outrageous ask then troll away...

posted 5th July 2022

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