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By Joe Coles (editor)

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Wednesday, 25 January 2023

P-64 + book news

Hopefully Unbound have got everyone their books now? Much heartbreak and frustration here but hoping this is now sorted? Think only the top trumps crew haven't got the book but Unbound (the publisher) saying this is now a two-week thing.

 If you have got your book and you enjoyed it, then please do pre-order your copy of vol 2 today. As you no doubt now know, this is a long process so the sooner this reaches 100% the sooner can it happen. To make it even more appealing if you pre-order with the code NEWYEAR2023 before the end of January you get a nice 10% discount. 

Those who live in Bristol (UK) I'll be organising an aviation quiz soon, those who live in London I'm coming to give a talk on an unexpected WW2 topic soon ;-) 

All the best, 


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Richard Frow
 Richard Frow says:

Still waiting with bated breath :-) but I am one of the TT Crew so digits crossed…

posted 26th January 2023

Dan Couchman
 Dan Couchman says:

Still not received my book

posted 26th January 2023

Richard Ashcroft
 Richard Ashcroft says:

Yeah, Top Trumps order here, still no book. Sooner or later...!

posted 26th January 2023

Mark Laity
 Mark Laity says:

Still no book for me, and getting a little impatient...

posted 26th January 2023

Yves Morier
 Yves Morier says:

Good morning,
Thank you for the information.
I have not received book either but I am sure it will come.
All the very best,

posted 26th January 2023

Tom Goodfellow
 Tom Goodfellow says:

I received vol 1 and was very happy with it, am keen to preorder the next one! However, that discount code doesn't seem to work right now, it just says 'The promo code is not valid'. Are there region / backer level limitations on it?

posted 26th January 2023

Unbound Support
 Unbound Support says:

Hi everyone!

Glad to hear more of you are receiving your copies, we're very sorry again about the frustrating delays.

All remaining merch orders were processed for dispatch at the start of this week. You'll receive your tracking information by the end of this week. If you have not received this by then please check you have confirmed your delivery information in your Unbound account.

The promo code for 10% discount is NEWYEAR2023


Unbound Support

posted 26th January 2023

Joe Coles
 Joe Coles says:

Hi Tom - CORRECTION - code is NEWYEAR2023.

posted 26th January 2023

Matthew St. Onge
 Matthew St. Onge says:

Still haven't recieved mine yet...

posted 26th January 2023

Dan Ellingsen
 Dan Ellingsen says:

Still waiting for mine - I did follow up and was told that it was just sent out yesterday :-)

posted 26th January 2023

Tom Goodfellow
 Tom Goodfellow says:

@Joe - thanks, new code worked, pre-order made! Looking forward to it :)

posted 26th January 2023

James Heimerl
 James Heimerl says:

Still waiting.

posted 27th January 2023

Brian Rice
 Brian Rice says:

Still waiting!

posted 27th January 2023

David Halsey
 David Halsey says:

nope, still not seen it. ordered the lucky dip reward, hasn't been very lucky so far

posted 27th January 2023

Richard Macpherson Barrett
 Richard Macpherson Barrett says:

Finally got book and top trumps... well did order WW2 cards, but got the jets. I have let Unbound know, as the youngest is in his WW2 phase.

posted 30th January 2023

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