The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes

By Joe Coles (editor)

A brand new illustrated book from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine.

Sunday, 5 March 2023

Did you know supporters of The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes get a say in contents of Vol 2?

I think you're very cool for supported the first book, and deserve a say in the 2nd. If there is a subject you'd like covered in the second volume please put it in the comments below and if any are particulary excellent I will use them. 

It's the final countdown, ba ba ba ba, ber ber ber ba ber! Still time to support The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Vol 2 through a pre-order and get your name in the book. Also limited places available on the higher 'baller level' reward levels.

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James Heimerl
 James Heimerl says:

How about the concept of missiles replacing guns on fighters? Maybe touch on "missile trucks" like the F6D Missileer, 747 CMCA, etc?

posted 6th March 2023

Mark Laity
 Mark Laity says:

One of the best things about Hush-Kit is getting aircrew to say how it feels to fly and fight combat aircraft - going beyond the technicalities. How about doing this for WW1 fighters, using people flying replicas and restorations?

posted 6th March 2023

Martin Payne
 Martin Payne says:

How about a section on the Victor helicopter pilots in Northern Ireland in the 1980’s. Having done two tours, the second in South Armagh, I have nothing but admiration for this small band of aviators

posted 6th March 2023

Quillon Fox
 Quillon Fox says:

How about how the 60s and 70s aircraft had the best paint schemes? Especially US navy. So much better than shades of grey.

posted 6th March 2023

Raymond Cruz
 Raymond Cruz says:

How about COIN aircraft - purpose built (like the OV-10 and Super Tucano) and adapted ones like the AU-23 or the A-1 Skyraiders in US, French and african service?

posted 6th March 2023

Stuart Holcroft
 Stuart Holcroft says:

The rise and fall of variable geometry.

posted 6th March 2023

David Green
 David Green says:

Building on variable geometry inverted geometry such as the X-29 & SU-47, or something on concept planes in general, the strange idea that never made it past an airshow.

posted 6th March 2023

Stephen Caulfield
 Stephen Caulfield says:

Top Oligarch's Aeroplanes
Top Pan Am Aeroplanes
Top Yugoslav Aeroplanes
Top Trimotors
Top Target Tugs
Top Aeroplanes of Howard Hughes & Jack Kevorkian
Most flammable aircraft in history
Top plywood aircraft

posted 6th March 2023

Stephen Caulfield
 Stephen Caulfield says:

Top polar aircraft!

posted 6th March 2023

Tasma Swanson
 Tasma Swanson says:

I would love to see additional information about Iranian sUAS and warplane integration, Chinese rotary wing in an air to air role, especially paired with air launched effects and sUAS, and anything on sUAS in the Ukrainian conflict.

posted 7th March 2023

Christopher Heiny
 Christopher Heiny says:

Weirdest Lighter-than-air Aircraft
Just How Many Post-War A-26 Variants Were There, Anyway?
Top 10 "Oops, I shot myself down" Incidents

posted 7th March 2023

CM 92
 CM 92 says:

Some suggestions.

Top 10 worst weapons mounted/equipped on a warplane
Flop to cult classic, The Brewster Buffalo in Finnish Service
Top 10 best/worst Warplane engines
History/experience of the Tupolev 95 Bear
Ploughshares to Swords, Civilian Aircraft to Warplane conversions

posted 7th March 2023

Ellice Birnie
 Ellice Birnie says:

Top ten rejected US designs, such as the YF23

posted 7th March 2023

David Green
 David Green says:

the long service of the A10 and its bonkers canon

posted 8th March 2023

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