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Friday, 28 April 2023

Answers to last aviation quiz and new extra hard aviation quiz

Hi, sadly no one got all the answers right to our last quiz so I'll put you out of your misery with the answers:

A. Nord-Aviation 5000 Harpon (to be featured in Hush-Kit Book Vol 2)

B. Sukhoi T-12 (to be featured in Hush-Kit Book Vol 2)

C. P-51D Mustang 

New quiz (add answers below in comments)

1. What do these aircraft have in common? 

2. Name three Su-25 national air arms that have not been involved in any military conflict in the last 23 years 

3. Name three countries (not in Australasia) that do not border any former or current Hip helicopter operators?

4. What was the only (purely) piston-engined Soviet fighter aircraft to exceed 450mph? (amazing artwork of this is The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Vol 2) 

5. Which one of the following aircraft was never fitted with a 27-mm Mauser cannon?

A. Eurofighter Typhoon
B. English Electric Lightning 
C. Vulcan
D. Harrier

6. Name three non-Soviet/Russian munitions that can be used by a MiG-29

7. In what year and with which air force were the final Avro Lincolns retired? 

8. Which fixed wing jet combat aircraft has been used by Ethiopia, Sweden, Australia and Peru?

9. Which aircraft designer resided in a religious commune in Switzerland, living the "simple life of a holy man" until May 1968? 

10. Wingspan of 70 feet, a top speed of 358mph,102 airframes created - what is it? 

By the way, do grab The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Vol 2 from here if you haven't already. 



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Craig Mudd
 Craig Mudd says:

2 Czech Republic,Slovakia,Iran
3 Raf, Ireland,Sweden
5 vulcan
6 agm 88 harm, aim 9 sidewinder, jdam?
7 raaf
8 dehaviland vampire?
9 will petter of gnat fame
10 ? Completely no idea

posted 2nd May 2023

Damien Saunders
 Damien Saunders says:

1. I'm not sure but all 3 look to be WWII or just post WWII designed the top being the Spanish version of the He-111 and the bottom being the Avro Lincoln my guess that they all use the same engine. I couldn't recognise the BOAC aircraft.

posted 3rd May 2023

Sam Hall
 Sam Hall says:

1. All Merlin powered
2. Bulgaria, Gambia, Czech republic
3. Canada, France, Portugal
4.Lavochkin LA-9
6.AIM-9 AIM-120, Mk.82
7.Argentina, 1960 something
8.DH Vampire
9. Pass
10. Heinkel He100

posted 3rd May 2023

Darren Christopher
 Darren Christopher says:

1. Merlin engines
2. North Korea. Peru. Equatorial Guinea
3. Uk, Spain, Portugal, Ireland
4. Yak-3
5. Harrier
6. Harm astra derby
7. Argentina
8. Canberra
9 William petter
10. Westland Welkin

posted 3rd May 2023

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