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Friday, 12 November 2021

10 best-looking Hawker aeroplanes? You decide (and date of our master quiz)

From 1920 to 1963, Hawker Aircraft Limited created a slew of incredible aircraft – but which was the most beautiful? Woodcock? Hedgehog? Danecock? Or maybe the classic Hunter? Let us know in the comments below and we will democratically select the top 10 which will form the basis of a top 10 article for The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes Vol 2 is now 24% funded. It can happen with your help. Pre-order here

The Hush-Kit Master Aviation Quiz will take place online on the 21st November at 20.00 UK TIME. This is only open to supporters of The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes.



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Lloyd Crawford
 Lloyd Crawford says:

It's the Hunter. End of story. I shall get pugilistic on the ass of anyone who denies this!

posted 12th November 2021

Patrick Smith
 Patrick Smith says:

Top 10 (not counting Hawker Siddeley because you said 1920-63)

1. All of the Hart family are utterly gorgeous
2. Sea Hawk - such a clean design
3. Fury, see #1
4. Hind, see #1
5. Sea Fury in FAA livery
6. Radial-engined Tempest
7. Typhoon and in-line Tempest
8. Hunter, if we must. FGA.9 specifically.
9. Hurricane, from a certain angle. MkII.
10. P1127 - not a looker but the AV-8 Matador will be

posted 12th November 2021

Bing Chandler
 Bing Chandler says:

Sea Fury, clean powerful lines. None of that weirdness with the intakes and wing being at different angles you get with the Hunter...

posted 12th November 2021

Joseph Hardwicke
 Joseph Hardwicke says:

1: hunter(by far)
2: tempest
3: typhoon
4: fury
5: Sea fury
6: hurricane
7: Sea hawk
8: harrier
9: tempest mkii
10: hind

posted 12th November 2021

christophe christiaens
 christophe christiaens says:

1. Hunter
2. Sea hawk
3. Hart

posted 12th November 2021

Dan Ellingsen
 Dan Ellingsen says:

1. Hart
2. Hind
3. Fury
4. Sea Fury
5. P.1052
The Hunter and the fighters/bombers before the Hart look like almost every other plane of their age.

posted 12th November 2021

Ron Smith
 Ron Smith says:

1 Hawker PV3
2 Tempest
3 Sea Fury
4 Sea Hawk

posted 12th November 2021

Michael SKENE
 Michael SKENE says:

1. Nimrødderne
2. Nimrod
4. Osprey
5. Hardy
7. Hartebees
8. Hind
9. Hart
10. Persian Audax

posted 12th November 2021

Lloyd Crawford
 Lloyd Crawford says:

I do apologise, I'd forgotten about the Sea Hawk, which is a dreadful oversight considering my own local museum has one! It is SOOOO pretty!

posted 13th November 2021

Ole Primdahl
 Ole Primdahl says:

Difficult job to rank number 3-10, but this is my best offer:

01. Hunter
02. Fury
03. Hart/Hind
04. Sea Fury
05. Hurricane
06. Sea Hawk
07. Nimrod
08. Woodcock/Danecock
09. Horsley/Dantorp
10. Tempest

posted 23rd November 2021

Spencer Nicolas
 Spencer Nicolas says:

The Sea Hawk was something I'd forgotten about, which is terrible considering my own neighborhood museum had one. super lovely

posted 29th December 2022

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