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This is a Thinkers50 + Unbound project.

Thinkers50 + Unbound is an exciting new publishing imprint providing leaders with the means to bring their ideas to life in book form.

“Hubris has stalked the corporate corridors since time immemorial. It makes and destroys corporate legends. Ben Laker has had a front row seat to one of the great modern stories of hubris. From the Oscars to Weinstein and beyond, Hubris Inc. offers important lessons for all involved in business. But not only that, as you’d expect from tinseltown, it is a riveting read.” - Thinkers50 on Hubris Inc.

Hubris Inc. is the exclusive eyewitness account of the fall of Hollywood, with award-winning research and practical solutions to equip leaders against the systemic hubris and harassment plaguing today’s organisations, presented by the only leadership professor in the world with feet on the red carpet.

Two scandals in two years. Careers and lives, destroyed. Billions in revenue, lost. As Hollywood has learned, not all that glitters is gold.

The 2017 Academy Awards will forever be defined by the moment that systemic hubris, complacency and backstage errors led PwC Chairman, Brian Cullinan, to hand presenters the wrong envelope meaning the wrong film was awarded ‘Best Picture’. Envelopgate – widely reported as the biggest catastrophe in Oscars history – defined careers on and off the red carpet. Watching on from his seat as special guest of Cullinan that night was Oscars commentator and leadership professor, Dr. Ben Laker.

One year later, Ben walked the red carpet once again, weaving in and out of Time’s Up badges, #MeToo blush and black dresses, and a sea of people who ‘should have said something’. Ben’s story – and the lesson for business contained within – has remained untold, until now.

Presented by well-renowned leadership expert and Henley Business School professor, Ben Laker, Hubris Inc. features eyewitness accounts gleaned from unprecedented access, exclusive behind the scenes images and a decade’s worth of research, asking, how did hubris and harassment come to define Hollywood? And how can businesses ensure they do not suffer the same fate?

Packed with practical tips and illuminating insights, Hubris Inc. will teach leaders how to:

  • Speak up when no one wants to listen
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Create open and transparent cultures that promote inclusivity 
  • Foster positive recognition within an organisation
  • Remove hubristic and harassment culture from their workplace



By Stuart Crainer and the author Section 1: Hubris

Chapter 1: Envelopgate

Chapter 2: Icarus, down

Chapter 3: Guard yourself against hubris

Chapter 3.1: How to: observe hubris in your workplace

Chapter 3.2: How to: eliminate hubris in your workplace

Section 2: Harassment

Chapter 4: The story of #MeToo: the rise and fall of Harvey Weinstein

Chapter 5: Harassment in the workplace today

Chapter 6: Eliminate all Harveys

Chapter 6.1: How to: observe harassment in your workplace

Chapter 6.2: How to: eliminate harassment in your workplace

Dr Ben Laker is Professor at Henley Business School and Director at the Centre for High Performance, a research institute working with British Cycling, Eton College, NASA, the New Zealand All Blacks, Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Art and Royal Shakespeare Company. He commentates on the Hollywood Oscars for broadcasters including the BBC.

He’s published numerous articles in Harvard Business Review and co-authored a bestseller, The Salespersons Secret Code, endorsed by psychology giant Daniel Pink. Shaping business and government policy around the world, his views have been discussed internationally on television and radio, and featured in the New York Times, the Economist, the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, the Independent, The Times and Forbes.

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