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A grand photo book about Britain

William Blake talked of England's “green and pleasant land”, whilst Sir John Betjeman focused on the more arcane “books from Boots’ and country lanes, free speech, free passes, class distinction, democracy and proper drains.”

For most of my early twenties, I dismissed Britain and set off to foreign climes in search of adventure. I needed to see what was out there. I needed to fill those voids from my modern school atlas with my own experiences.

Grand Britain, a photographic project almost a decade in the making, is about my subsequent reconnection with my home country. I’ve come to realise what a varied and contradictory place I call home. I’ve also realised that this crowded little island is, in fact, huge. Britain is grand.

Anyone can take a photograph of an iconic place such as the Taj Mahal, but how about Bridlington harbour?

Hrtbps is an internet nobody, most widely-known for writing crap about politics on twitter, and using the same three memes ad infinitum.

Offline, he likes to take photographs and other, normal offline-y things.

Geoff Martin
Geoff Martin asked:

Hi, do you have an idea of how any pages/photo's the book will contain?


hrtbps hrtbps
hrtbps hrtbps replied:

Hi Geoff,

I think we're working towards around 130 pages with at least 75 photographs. I want to make a coffee table book that feels good to hold in your hands. Y'know the type?



Kim Locke
Kim Locke asked:

Hello :) Do you have any pics from Dawdon and area in the book?

hrtbps hrtbps
hrtbps hrtbps replied:

Hi Kim, I've never been Dawden but would love to get up that way at some point. One thing I'd like to do during the process of funding and creating the book is to talk to people and get ideas of new places to see, so thanks for this suggestion!

Alexander Peterhans
Alexander Peterhans asked:

Hello hrtbps,

I have two questions. First, are the photos all more or less 'rural' as the examples seem to indicate, or have you also photographed city scenes/locations?

Secondly, I'd love to see you photograph Durham in an original way (and not just the damn Cathedral again, however lovely it is), if you haven't already.



hrtbps hrtbps
hrtbps hrtbps replied:

Alex, the book with have a balance of cities, suburban and rural scenes. Perhaps I need to rethink the example images on this page! And it's been years since I've been to Durham, but as I mentioned in a previous answer, I'd like to get to as many places as possible between now and when the book is funded to add to the images I already have. Cheers!

Carol Thompson
Carol Thompson asked:

Hi, I live in Australia but would like make a pledge as a gift for a Scottish friend. Is that possible? I'd like her to get the book and have her name in it.
(Also, love your twitter feed. Frequently cheers me up. Sometimes makes me wonder). Cheers, Carol

Unbound replied:

Hi Carol,

Thanks for getting in touch. You certainly can do this. Just add their address as the delivery address when you make the pledge and then you can change the name in the back once you have pledge. More on this here:

Best wishes,

Caitlin - Community Manager

Charlie Rowlands
Charlie Rowlands asked:

Hi. I realise the photos are the point of all this, but will the accompanying text be of a style/in a voice familiar to followers of the @hrtbps Twitter brand, or will it be mainly serious, thoughtful stuff about this sceptred isle, f-stops, etc?

hrtbps hrtbps
hrtbps hrtbps replied:

Excellent question, and one I've been thinking about since the beginning of this. Whilst the writing will be more serious and thoughtful (and more long-form) than the Twitter stuff, I am aiming to offer something in a similar vein to the voice I use on Twitter. What I mean to say is: it'll be me writing, and I can only do one voice, so hopefully you'll find something to like. I'll be posting up a preview excerpt of writing soon. Cheers!

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