How To Be An Olympian

By Harry Reardon

The inside story of two women, an Olympic rower and a Paralympic cyclist, going for Tokyo 2020 gold

Monday, 17 June 2019

Ten strokes towards Tokyo

Out on the water, you’ll often find yourself counting in  tens. The big first ten strokes. Up the rate for ten more in the middle after you’ve settled into your rhythm, just to show the rest of the field who’s in control. Then when you’re trying to ramp it up towards the finish line, ten on a call to give it everything you’ve got left.

The first ten? It’s all about power off the line, setting down a marker to the others, getting right into the race.

10% funded. James, Robert, Stephanie, Clare, Annette, Gregory, Laura, Madeleine, Phil, Rob, Jonathan, Mike, Diane, Sarah, Nick, Tim, Edward, Guy, Shani. We couldn’t have done those first ten strokes without you. You’ve set down the marker, we’re in the race, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Here’s the call for the next ten.

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