How to be a Good Bboy

By Bilbo the Cat and Ellen Murray

Biography | Humour
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Publication date: May 2023

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Helo ! Im would love for yuo to See my Bbook. It is abbout how to be a good bboy ,and how to be kind ,and why llove is good. Itse also abbout my mum's jjob.

Ellen Murray's good boy Bilbo has been blessing the internet with his kindness for three years now, and he’s shown the world how he lives his life with kindness and love. As a cat of experience, he’s grown up in Northern Ireland to see that affection, care and positivity make everyone better off.

Ellen has raised Bilbo since he was a kitten. She is a human rights activist working for LGBTI and disability rights at home and abroad. Ellen's goals and Bilbo’s are very similar: making kindness, love and care a safe reality for everyone. Ellen sees her work as ultimately about happiness, about joy, about love. Just like the work Bilbo does of comforting tens of thousands of people online. They’re similar in that way, although he reaches a great deal more people.

Bilbo would love you to support this book because knowing how to get started – on fighting for your own rights, or standing as an ally alongside others – is difficult. It’s intimidating and sometimes it’s really confusing. Fortunately, Ellen has learned a lot about dignity, respect and justice - both from the halls of the United Nations and from the tweets her good round boy gets at 3am.

This book will be about Bilbo, and about Ellen. About her work, and about how Bilbo’s online presence is not just an accessory to that work or a silly side Twitter account, but a way to channel the greater goals of her work to a wider audience. It will be silly and serious. It’ll be accessible, but also challenging. It will give you an introduction to what being a good bboy means, what human rights work is all about, and how to do it yourself. It’ll be about imposter syndrome, about mutual support, and about owning your vulnerability and your power. It’ll also have Bilbo pictures and plenty of gushing about him too. He insisted.

You should support this book if you believe in the kind of work Ellen is doing, or you’re interested in getting on board this human rights train yourself. It’s not a gravy train (or a Dreamies train), but it’s a wonderfully fulfilling and exciting thing to be involved with. If you’d like to get some useful knowledge for your own life, or you just would like to gaze upon a very good bboy in print form, this is a book for you.

About the Book

  • A full colour, high quality hardback with printed endpapers.
  • 135 x 189mm format with head and tail bands.
  • 40 original, colour photographs.
  • Approximately 144 pages, and 30,000 words.
  • Tons of amazing and exclusive pledge levels!

*Book designs, cover and other images are for illustrative purposes and may differ from final design.

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