Through the Hourglass

By Libby-Mae Ford and Cara Lisette (co-editors)

Exploring the past, present and future reflections from those recovering from a mental illness

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

WE REACHED OUR FIRST MILESTONE - A note from the editor and writers

Hello lovely people, 

I hope that you have all had a wonderful day, and if not I am sending my love and support. Remember, each day lasts 24 hours before a new day comes bringing with it a fresh start and a new adventure. 

Firstly on behalf of myself and the other writers, I want to thank each and every one of you that have pledged to help make this book a reality. There are currently 43 of you which is incredible and WE HAVE REACHED 5% OF THE FUNDING GOAL. I am blown away by your support so thank you, thank you, thank you. 

A note from editor (Libby-Mae Ford, she/her, 24)
When I first came up with the idea for this anthology, I was thinking about ways to help raise awareness for mental health conditions in a way that would hopefully inspire and provide hope and comfort to fellow sufferers as well as bringing insight and understanding to those who have no experience with mental illness. I was thinking about an exercise that one of my old psychologists did with me, writing a letter to myself and I thought, what if that could be a book? A combination of letters written to ourselves about recovery and our jounrey. From that Through the Hourglass was born. This is a book that I wish exisited when I was a 14 year teenager, afraid and alone in a world that was too scary to handle. The letters that myself and the other 20 writers have written are such powerful and raw and beautifully written accounts of recovery and mental illness. Reading through the letters has inspired myself and even brought tears to my eyes. The passion and pain and determination of the writers is not only inspiring but honest and true. This is a book that will hopefully spark conversation and in some ways destigmatise mental illness. - You can find Libby-Mae on Instagram @libbyfordxo

A note from Abigal Porter (she/her, 23):
Writing a letter to my future self allowed me to open up during lockdown instead of close down. I reflected on what my values are and what I hold in my heart to be truly important. To be able to see myself in the future was vital for me to get through lockdown. I loved writing to myself instead of an unknown audience as it challenged me. I addressed my thirty-year-old self and I’ve written about what my hopes and dreams are. Being a part of this amazing project has made me feel a part of a community of people that are just like me. - You can find Abigail on Instagram @_abigailporter

A note from Grace Alice (she/they, 22): 
Writing a letter to my past self has allowed me to reflect on who I was, who I am now, and who I aspire to be. It also helped me to make a clearer sense of my life story so far, and accept its non-linear nature. In addition to this, being a part of an anthology has allowed myself to find a community of those who have walked similar paths, and this sense of belonging has been absolutely invaluable, especially taking into account the loneliness which I have felt over the past couple of months. I am ever so grateful to be a part of the anthology, and excited for it to come out in print! - You can find Grace on Insagram @gracealiceevans

A note from one of the Emily Nuttall (she/her, 26):
Writing a letter to my past 14 year old self has helped me to process my journey in life and what I have been through. It has helped me to see the lost scared confused teenager I once was and has allowed me to grow stronger and become a more resilient woman whilst revealing the strong, but at times vulnerable, woman beneath who continues to fight on the road of recovery and to one day fully break free. It has helped me to process and make sense of my past self and hopefully be able to offer strength and hope to the readers that through painful times in our lives there will always be a way forwards out of the darkness. Writing with many other aspiring authors and hearing their powerful stories, speaking out about our mental health has been inspiring. I hope we can smash the stigma together and inspire our readers to feel encouraged to think about their own journeys in life. - You can find Emily on Instagram @emily4993

Once again, I, (Libby-Mae), would like to personally thank everyone that has pledged so far, but also those who have shared and liked the posts about the book on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, without your help and support, this boook isn't possible!! 

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