Through the Hourglass

By Libby-Mae Ford and Cara Lisette (co-editors)

Exploring the past, present and future reflections from those recovering from a mental illness

Friday, 4 September 2020


Hello lovely people, Libby here, the editor of Through the Hourglass. 

I have been meaning to write an update since we hit 100 pledges, but as I am sure a lot of you will understand, living with a mental illness is difficult at the best of times and to be completely honest, my mental health hit a rough patch a few weeks ago and I am just starting to feel more myself again, so I apologise for the delayed update. 

Firstly I want to say a massive thank you to every single person that has made a pledge to support Through the Hourglass so far. I cannot begin to explain how much your support means not only to me, but also to the other 20 writers so thank you thank you thank you. To be quite honest I was very nervous that we would struggle to hit 10 pledges, let alone 100. I am blown away by the support and love that we have received so far and have created a little graphic that will hopefully be attatched to this post, thanking the first 100 pledges especially for helping kickstart our crowdfuning journey.

I have asked three of the writers to share what inspired them to write for this book and here is what they had to say:

Charlotte, she/her, 23 - 'What inspired me to write my letter was the need to finally accept myself and my body for who it is. I've struggled with my eating disorder and how I feel about my appearance for a long time. The idea for my letter came from a post I saw on Pinterest which listed a few body parts and what's good about them and why we should love them. I thought this was important and decided to expand on that with my own body, listing all the things I love about my feet, legs, stomach, face, brain and more. Our bodies are strong, beautiful works of art and we should all appreciate every inch of them. I hope I'll inspire others to look at their bodies in a completely different but positive way.' - You can find Charlotte on twitter and instagram @charemilywrites

Chiana, she/her, 21 - 'Writing my letter for ‘Through the Hourglass’ required a huge amount of reflection on both the past and present, something that I have always found extremely difficult to do. The experience however, enabled me to see how much life has changed and how despite feeling stuck, there has been progression. I think one of the most important things that this book can do is ensure people realise they’re not alone in their struggle and that there is some hope for the future even if at some points there feels like there is none.' - You can find Chiana on twitter and instagram @chianakhindey

Chloe, she/her, 27 - 'I've always wanted to write a book and help other people who've struggled with their body image and food. When the opportunity arose to get involved with Through The Hourglass, I jumped at the chance. I'd been writing articles about mental illness, body image, and anorexia for a year at this point, and I assumed it would fairly similar. But when I was asked to write a letter to my body, I couldn't help but think twice. This was far more than just a blog post or an article about the impacts of diet culture. I was addressing myself and my body in a way I'd neglected to for years. But was ready for the challenge, and through writing my piece I've started to talk differently to myself. I've been challenging the self-sabotage and pushing back at the anorexic demons far more than I had been before. It was like a newfound motivation that dared me to keep my promise. Through The Hourglass is an extremely important book for adolescence and adults alike. Not only will this book give you insight into the minds of myself and twenty other wonderful writers, but it also encourages you to address yourself in various tenses.' - You can find Chloe on instagram @nyxtrix

A word from the editor:

Our crowdfunding journey has stalled a little, and therefore I am asking for your help. I have planned a very special update for once we reach 200 pledges, introducing each of the writers, so please do continue to share our crowdfunding page with family, friends and on social media and help up reach 200 pledges and become one step closer to making this book a reality!! 

Lots of love, 

Libby x

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