Through the Hourglass

By Libby-Mae Ford and Cara Lisette (co-editors)

Exploring the past, present and future reflections from those recovering from a mental illness

Monday, 9 November 2020


Hello lovely people, 

Libby here, I hope you're all having a good day. Thank you to those who have made a pledge since the last update. Your continuous support is always appriciated and the Through the Hourglass team are very grateful. 

Over the past four months, since launching the crowdfunding page, I have had a few dips with my mental health, returned to university and started therapy. As sole editor, with so much on my plate, myself and the team at Unbound decided to bring on a co-editor. We wanted the co-editor to hold the same values and passion for mental health awareness as myself and the other writers working on the book and I had the perfect person in mind and thankfully she said yes. So without furhter ado, I would like to introduce you to my new and completely brilliant co-editor, Cara Lisette.

Cara is an amazing mental health campaigner from Hampshire, England. She runs a very successful and informative blog docummenting her journey through living with anorexia and bipolar whilst also advocating for mental health awareness on her social media. You can find Cara on Twitter and Instagram @CaraLisette.

As co-editor Cara will be working with me on writing and editing the book, managing the contributors and working towards bringing in pledges, as well as press and promotion of the book once it has reached publication. 

As mentioned in the previous update, we reallocated some of the funds to bring on new POC and male writers in order for the book to be fully representative, this is instead of having illustrations throughout the book. I thought this update would be a great opportunity to introduce the new writers that have joined the Through the Hourglass team. 

"Hey, I'm Anthony Sowole, I'm 25 and my pronouns are he/him and I'm writing to my past self! These days I spend most evenings and weekends walking around London alone admiring the city, taking occasional breaks to hand feed swans and geese whilst covered head to toe in pigeons! My past self went years without leaving my room, and the associated self neglect meant I weighed over 500lbs and found it difficult to walk for even 5 minutes. My past self was also PETRIFIED of animals and would cross the road at the sight of a pigeon. I'm sure most observers would say my past self and current self are two completely different people, but they're not, it's still me! For me writing to my past self is about giving the millions of youth around the world battling with depression, anxiety and uncertainty the knowledge that there is still hope at the end of the tunnel for a brighter future, and sometimes all we need is a little help to get there!"

"I am Tejaswi, a queer person of colour residing in the Global South. Assigned female at birth, I identify as agender and asexual. My pronouns are she/her or they/them. I am 28 years old and @tejnesss is me on Instagram. I will be writing in the present tense (a letter to my present self)."

"Hi, I'm John Townshend, 34, he/him. I am writing for my future self. I am contributing to share things I learned and talk about the things I want to learn about how I can live my best life." 

"I am Selasie Djameh, Ghana, 30, she/they. I'm writing to my future self. I wanted to be part of this book because I've benefitted a lot from hearing people's stories and experiences and I would like to give back. Mental illness is still very stigmatised in Ghana and among Black communities all over the world. I hope my insights will help young Black mentally ill people." 

"Nzinga-Ain Barberousse is a clinical psychology graduate student at Roosevelt University. She started her blog My Precious Mind about 3 years back after some insistent prompting from others that "she needed to get a hobby." It turned out blogging was something she really enjoys and has been writing since then on and off (depending on her schedule and motivation levels). She is a classical piano teacher, a mother to way too many animals, and a fierce advocate for the acceptance of self-care and therapy within BIPOC communities."

We have also decided to release a new pledge level that will be avaiable once we hit 200 pledges. This level will only have 25 slots available and therefore will be super exclusive. Remember that you can upgrade your exisiting pledge at any time, so we hope you're as excited as we are for the new pledge level that will be released at 200 pledges. 

Over on our twitter @TTHbook and our Instagram @throughthehourglassbook we will also be running a competition and we will be releasing new updates and videos over the next month, so if you'd like to follow our pages to keep up to date, that would be great! 

Thank you for your continued support and as always please keep telling friends and family about the book to see if they would also like to pledge. 

Love the Through the Hourglass team xo

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