Through the Hourglass

By Libby-Mae Ford and Cara Lisette (co-editors)

Exploring the past, present and future reflections from those recovering from a mental illness

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

A quarter of the way to 100%!!

Hello lovely people, 

Firstly happy New Year. We hope that you had a lovely Christmas if that is something that you celebrate and that the New Year has been kind to you.

Thank you so much for everyone that has pledged since our last update. We have now reached 204 supporters and hit the big 25% funded, meaning we are a quarter of the way there so thank you so so much for your continuous support. Each day we get closer and closer to our funding goal which is one step closer to this book becoming a reality. 

 To celebrate reaching 200 supporters we have released a new pledge level. At this level you will recieve three super exclsive positivity prints illustrated and designed by Libby-Mae Ford (co-editor) as well as a signed first edition, ebook and your name in the back of the book. There are only 10 of these rewards available so its very limited edition. If this pledge level interests you but you've already made a pledge, remember that you can upgrade your pledge at any time. 

We would like to announce that we also have brought on a new writer, Emma. 

"Hey I'm Emma, 32, she/her/they/them and I've recently joined all the other contributors to add my contribution to the Through the Hourglass book, which I am really excitied about. I'm a film fanatic (especially horrors), with a creative soul who works in social media and content. I'm diagnosed with a few chronic illnesses as well as BPD, anxiety and depresion, and previously PTSD. Througb my writing and social media platforms I am to raise awareness and break stigmas around these subjects." 

We know that the New Year brings pressure to change yourself or become a different person, so just a little reminder to be gentle and kind to yourself. We are all going at our own pace on our own journies and it's okay to take your time to reach any goals that you may have. 

If you can, please keep sharing our book and crowdfuning page with friends, family and your social media. Without your help this book won't get published, so thank you so much for being such big supporters.

Lots of love,

Libby and Cara xo

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