Hot Singles in Your Area

By Jordan Shiveley

A comedic horror novel

Saturday, 5 December 2020


So an update!! First off, abject apologies, it has taken me this long to make one of these but I think we are all a bit crushed beneath the still ponderous weight of 2020.

HOWEVER! The book is moving forward and it is TRANSFORMING into something more horrifically splendorous than it was at first planned. There are now 2 POVs (one in the MANSIONS OF SILENCE one in maybe our world but maybe not who the fuck knows when madness reigns?!!) NECROMANCY CHOOSE YOUR OWN POSSIBLY EXCITING BUT MAYBE NOT EVENT sections...MORE ephemera! I, your humble benighted servant of the Carrion Oak, have been scanning by hand all the weird and possibly DARKLY EDIFYING public domain engravings I can find (I've bought like 8 books of them) so that is of course time-consuming but what do we have to do with our time anyway besides withering triumphantly in the face of death's implacable approach? 

So yeah this book is becoming a kaleidoscope story of weird moments, a corpse stitched together from the stolen meat of dreams and I think that is very appropriate for a book of HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA...a world we all built together through beautiful terrors recognizing something familiar in each other.

I can't wait to share it with you and I promise to not give it into your sweaty, fevered hands until it is exactly the BOOK YOU DESERVE dear Cold of Flame and Dark and True of Heart.

okay also...the preorder period will be ongoing until the book actually is printed so I would love it if you could continue to promote this campaign and tell everyone about it. The way Unbound works is really neat but it also depends on over funding for me the writer to get paid (the first 100% just pays for the book printing) so let's get the Abyss paid y'all.

All the love and Teeth,
Jordan Shiveley,
Dread Singles

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Michael Napoli
 Michael Napoli says:

Super excited!

posted 7th December 2020

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