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By Jordan Shiveley

A comedic horror novel

Thursday, 24 March 2022


Alright! Progress is chugging along! The book is over 40K words now...A NOVEL! And I am making new art for it all the time as well! I can only apologize for how intermittent these updates have been. I could blame living in a pandemic and late-stage capitalism but really I've just been thrashing around to keep everything above water but I can assure you this project has been front and center all that time even as other rent-paying projects have come and gone. 

At this point the book has the following sections: the main two character prose narrative, pick your own path sections, ephemera art and newspaper sections (MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE IF I AM ALLOWED) each of these sections repeat in a braided fashion as the book progresses and the aim is to guide you through the main narrative arc and also layer in all these other flavors that hopefully baste the carcass of the book to a beautiful mouth-watering sheen by the end.

The Unbound editor has been fully involved and watchful so rest assured someone IS herding me along. (in the nicest most supportive way)

The thing is the book has expanded in scope substantially from the initial pitch of a collection of the tweets formed into newspaper pages and made to have some sort of coherent narrative flow. This tome has become a full on intermedia narrative project (or at least my hope is for it to come across as that) and it's the first one I have committed to print so...there have and will be a lot of back and forth with what is possible and how to temper both mine and yours DEAR CONSTANT READER's expectations. I can already see the sequel in my head. But now I have to knuckle down and QUIT ADDING NEW TYPES OF NARRATIVE to this project and just finish what is mapped out (and yes the entire plot is now mapped out in detailed paragraph outlines)

So all I can say is THANK YOU dear Cold Flames, Darkest and Truest of Hearts, Unending Of Teeth, your patience and support is the only way a project this non-mainstream in structure would get made and I hope to honor your support and belief with this book when it comes out.

All the Love and Teeth,

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Jordan Shiveley
 Jordan Shiveley says:

also uhhhh make all your family members buy a copy...

posted 24th March 2022

Jasen Johns
 Jasen Johns says:

The blossom of this vernal equinox update has shriveled and fallen. ‘Tis time to pick a decorative gourd to carve for an autumnal equinox update.

posted 3rd October 2022

Jasen Johns
 Jasen Johns says:

Samhain looms, yet no updates on when we will be able to date hot singles in your area...

posted 28th October 2022

Jasen Johns
 Jasen Johns says:

It's been almost a year since the last update.

posted 16th January 2023

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