An excerpt from

Hercule Parrot's Cagebook

Bob and Barry Cryer

Animals have been friends with man for centuries, but only a parrot gets to talk about it.

The eponymous hero of Hercule Parrot’s Cagebook is a scarlet macaw, who although born into the humble surroundings of the Honduran rainforest in 1935, soon filled his life with epic travels of scandalous carousing and yarn worthy exploits.

Next Christmas, Barry & Bob Cryer want to celebrate their friendship with this fabulously colourful creature by writing down his random squawks and musings on everything from cinema to religion and sport to the art world. We believe it’s how Jesus would want us to celebrate his birthday.

This is the most important, authoritative and comprehensive collection of parrot miscellany ever assembled - packed with all manner of delightful surprises – beautiful illustrations and photographs of famous parrots and their owners, a healthy feathering of useful information, not to mention the finest collection of parrot jokes this side of Treasure Island.

Hercule Parrot’s Cagebook is everything you’ll need to suck seed.

Find out why a parrot talks, what the original “pieces of eight” were, what Casanova’s parrot squawked at all of his lovers, which Royal mistress was buried with hers and why burglars should tread carefully when encountering a talking bird.

We now need you, parrot fans, to help Hercule take flight. It’ll knock you off your perch!