Heart of the Original

By Steve Aylett

Originality is hated and pretended, but the real thing is beautiful

Wednesday, 6 August 2014



"Steve Aylett, not just streets ahead but whole maps ahead, has unwisely elected to demonstrate his effortless superiority by biting his own head off and swallowing it: with Heart of the Original he presents a compelling argument for the public’s phobic aversion to originality and yet, stupidly, does this in a completely original way. Force-fed with ideas until its liver explodes, this staggeringly brilliant book has scarcely a line in it that won’t make you wish you’d thought of it first. Raising the bar to the point where it’s a hazard to migrating birds, this is a sizzling and hilarious manifesto where its author means every blazing word, and which makes a case for the caged-animal repetitive behaviour of our culture that cannot be argued against by anyone with an honest bone in their head. Written in his own brains, Heart of the Original should be tattooed on the backs of all the limp re-imaginers currently crowding our TV screens, our multiplexes and our surviving bookshops. Probably the most astonishing thing that you will read during this otherwise lacklustre incarnation."


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Count Otto Black
 Count Otto Black says:

Given the unqualified praise recently lavished on this project by Alan Moore, can we perhaps expect an Aylett/Moore graphic novel to be forthcoming? I'm sure we'd all like to know what became of the Caterer after the chronicles of his adventures were curtailed due to legal action by Disney - presumably the only thing he has in common with Howard the Duck.

posted 13th August 2014

Marc Gallup
 Marc Gallup says:

Pause for wishful thinking.... A Graphic Novel of the Complete Accomplice Stories illustrated by Ryan Sook....or Frank Quitely (probably be better for Beerlight) or Fraser Irving...or Jesse Moynihan....
Oh well - back to bed, back to reality.

posted 14th August 2014

David McNally
 David McNally says:

Jesus effing christ!

posted 1st October 2014

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