Heart of Glass

By Ivy Ngeow

A pacy literary thriller set in the 1980s’ disco era

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Woohoo! Heart of Glass is now being PROOFREAD

Guys, guys. Check it out: snippet/glimpse of COVER DESIGN. Full cover reveal soon.

While proofreading is going on, we are writing and re-writing the BACK BLURB to make it exciting. And now I will answer your questions.


Name: Heart of Glass
Estimated date of delivery: March. (caveat: pending proofreading results. Nails. Bitten.)
By: natural birth.
Reason: Delayed due to complications of first book having unexpectedly won a prize and thus had to be delivered first. 
Place of birth: London

Name: Cry of the Flying Rhino 
Date of delivery: 16 November 2017
By: elective Caesarean
Reason: launch/prize date was set in advance by Proverse Publishing
Place of birth: Hong Kong


Editing, editing, editing. Naturally I am not myself and have not been since Hong Kong. However, Unbound are extremely thorough. Editing is ironing. You go back and forth until it's smooth and perfect. Editing is the clothes of the body of work. This is really important if you want to look smart and confident, not dishevelled and nuts.

Thank you for being on my team. We have almost come to the end, or rather, only the beginning of this publishing journey together, you and me, me and you. You know what they say: "it takes a village..."



You can also take a look at my blog writengeow dot com for other articles I have written about writing and the writing life, such as Can You Learn to Write Like Tolstoy from a Book?. As usual I would love to hear from you. All feedback, positive, negative, neutral is welcome. You can email me at ivy_ngeow at yahoo dot com. You can connect to me on Instragram, Twitter, FB, Snapchat. In fact there is no way you can't get hold of me - I have a new phone now and it works!

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