Heart of Glass

By Ivy Ngeow

A pacy literary thriller set in the 1980s’ disco era

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What has the 1980s Reagan era got to do with it?

Welcome to the Cinema in the Shed. Make yourself comfy and watch my 1980s-inspired show. Go on! It's only 1 minute 19 sec long, I swear. Join in the discussion. The 1980s Reagan era was a time of excess, greed and materialism. Do you agree? Which song or songs from the 80s do you identify with which reflect these values? OK I'll start. "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross. Why? It's disco, innit.

To everybody especially those passengers who have just boarded HMS Ivy the Heart of Glass cruise in the last three weeks - Hello to Andrew Lee, Serena Lowe, Paul Greenleaf, Tracey Husbands, Peter Fuller, Serif Jones, Simon Vrij, Amy Carr, Clair Whiteman, Nadege Houlbrooke-Bowers, Charlotte Callister, Rebecca Ollis, John Wong, Sadie Nathanson-Regan, Mihori Erdelyi, Cissy Piercy, Lesley Ewels, Vanessa Moloney, Stella Soh, Gloria Chin, Kate McVeigh, Hugh Graham, Shirley Hartley, Luciana Sena, Lee Eng Seng, Emma Chase, Simon Miller, Sophie Chong, Vivienne Woon, Ania Kielbasa, Emma Bowman, Andrew MacDonald, Maria Donoghue, Sandy Noble, Sabine Goodwin and each of you previously thanked for joining the Heart of Glass journey. We are 161 strong today, we are 88% funded, 12% to go. Apologies if I have not already contacted you directly to say thanks - it is because I do not have your contact details. I hope you are enjoying the Vlogs from the Cinema in the Shed. Please leave me your comments, questions and feedback below. I love hearing from you. Ivy

PS I am really rocking this hilarious 1980s big hair, soft focus, gothic frilly top look! 

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Brian Jones
 Brian Jones says:

Very good Prince impersonation. Great video. Why no mention of Russia, also in the US news when Reagan arrived (but not in the same way!).
Can't wait to read the book!

posted 8th March 2017

Ivy Ngeow
 Ivy Ngeow says:

@Brian Jones. Thanks for your comment. What a great question! On 4th November 1980 Reagan became president of the United States. As a strong anti-communist, he called the Soviet Union the "evil empire" and increased spending on arms. The main goal of the Reagan administration was to win the Cold War and to defeat communism.
The decline of Communism was not a result of American policies and the Cold War but to do with USSR's issues at home and abroad. Because Heart of Glass is written with values depicting a liberal Western democracy (freedom, materialism, consumerism) the aim has never been to highlight the fall of Communism. The extension of what we want drives us to do what we do, outside of any foreign policy and outside the "evil empire", leading to our downfall in many other ways. This is the joy and the paradox of fiction.

posted 8th March 2017

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