LISTEN: Wandsworth Radio 'Live' interview plus SNEAK PREVIEW of Ivy's next book

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

"Gong Xi Fa Cai! Kung Hei Fatt Choy!" to my dear supporters near and far, old and new, and my supporters-to-be. I was talking to a wonderfully friendly and kind producer/presenter Ms Becks on her show which is the Wandsworth Workday show on Wandsworth Radio, London. REVISED UPDATE 2 Feb 17: Someone said she cannot play the video/audio. So here is the YouTube recording of the interview. It should work! 

We touched on these questions/topics:

  • What is your name and where did you come from today and where did you come from originally?
  • Tell us about the book in themes and ideas and tell us about the book in a brief extract,
  • Tell us about your writing journey and how it all started,
  • Was cultural diversity a focus or what you like to promote or portray?
  • When did you start writing and playing music?
  • Tell us about your music teaching.
  • Let us have a SNEAK PREVIEW of what you are working on next!

I felt at ease with her and that I could go on forever chatting not just about the book but about our common interests in children's education, music and dance. Our sons are roughly the same age and just started playing guitar. She found out that I of course loved Bruno Mars, who I believe is the Michael Jackson with Swearing. We got on very well. It was a bit heartbreaking for me, in my "editorial suite" in the wee hours of last night, to cut the interview down from 32 minutes to 13min 52sec. Culling is caring (kill your darlings etc).

Today we have 107 supporters/patrons from all over the world and we are 56% funded. We are about 6 weeks in and have about 40 days to go. As it is still Chinese New Year, I am reminded of the successful book launch of Hungry in Ipoh (Fixi) containing my short story "Funny Mountain" in London last year where we actually sold out of copies. Some of you whom I already know as friends attended the launch and made up the entourage. I believe some of us even went in the "book" van along with the frozen food and ice. No need to mention names. I am sorry about the prawn wontons (I am not exactly a great cook - you can't do it all, you know) but I am sure the Prosecco made up for it. Go on, have a laugh and click on the links!

FLASHBACK:  "Hungry in Ipoh" 2016 Chinese New Year book launch at Knight Webb Gallery, Brixton, LONDON

Watch the EXCLUSIVE author interview here.

Watch me reading an excerpt here.

I promise I will be back with another update very soon. Thank you everybody. Keep your spirits up. We are living in interesting times at the moment. Wishing you every happiness and success in the Year of the Fire Rooster.

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