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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hello everyone! Hope you had a great great Christmas and New Year. Myself, I like it quiet and thoughtful. I am a writer after all and a musician too. It is my dream to be left alone to my instruments of torture (keyboards, guitar, quill pen) and a cup of coffee or wine. Being quiet and thoughtful has disadvantages for me, being passive, eating and drinking too much. As a result, I have put on a bit of weight that I will be intending to lose with my new fitness regime.

Heart of Glass is a novel with themes of music and crime noir. Music as you probably already know is my pet subject and I cannot think of day when I have been fed up and not cheered up just by playing a few chords on guitar or piano. The piano piece played in this vlog is from page 5, near the start, in the bar of Johnny's on West 35th when Li-an first meets Paolo. It is the first song she played him:

I went to the piano when the pianist was on his break. I asked him if I could play. He balanced his unlit cigarette. He gestured with his palm as if to say, be my guest, and just when I was about to sit down, he said, 'You gotta coupla bucks?'

"No, I said but I continued to sit down. "Jerk," I said under my breath. I played On the Sunny Side of the Street, Fats Waller-stride-style, big, pouncy, crab-like chords in one-two. Paolo came over bearing drinks during the middle-eight, leaving the two guys behind at our table. Paolo started singing. He knew most of the words. But after the song was over, he wanted to sing about some shark having pearly teeth and I knew I wouldn't get out of it.

Over the 'Sixteen going on 'Seventeen break, I am pleased to say we have been inching up. We are now 37% funded. This is a big deal for me as I have never done crowdfunding before. And it is all thanks to those who have supported me. I am grateful for their kindess, generosity and friendship.

I would love to hear from you. Please ask me anything or comment on my shed vlogs and blogs. Goodbye for now, staytuned to the Shed .

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