97% funded! We are very nearly there, guys. Yes!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Heart of Glass is nearly fully funded! We are* having to pre-sell only another 6 books to make this book come true..

Hope you like the 80s-inspired artwork - Back to the Future (of publishing). To all supporters, patrons, backers, friends, family, named and anonymous - a very big thank you and a warm welcome aboard. The ship will set sail very soon. You have your boarding passes! The journey of a thousand miles began with just one supporter, and now we are 184 strong, 3% to go. 

Since last post, Shera, Susie, Mee Chong, Alex, Sian, Syazana, Karen Teo, Shen, Glyn, Nicole, Sumira, Andrew, Serena have become book patrons. You guys rock!

* (was tempted to use the word literally but I held back)

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Johari Ismail
Johari Ismail says:

Syabas! You got there!

March 22, 2017

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