Head Shot

By Victoria Nixon

How does a Vogue model confront a double family suicide and live a normal life?

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Head Line NEWS!


Wow – Head Shot is 70% on its way to being published! On the home stretch now thanks to the fabulous pledgers who’ve so generously supported this book.  Please keep spreading the word on Social Media and your personal networks and let’s all raise awareness that lives affected by suicide CAN find happiness again. I know I was there for each chapter of this life:

  • Growing up in Yorkshire mining town; my father’s suicide; my brother’s attempted suicide  
  • Spotted by Helmut Newton and booked for Vogue, screen test for Blow Up
  • First British model to work with an Milan agency, airport arrest & all earnings confiscated 
  • Music-biz boyfriend, LSD, living next door to the Deputy Prime Minister, Nova shoot with Keith Richards, ‘Face of ’68’, time with Shah of Iran, Apollo 11 moon-child               
  • Truth about the Paris Collections, French playboys and lonely sex                             
  • Beach Boys at my 21st, featured in first ever videos on Top of the Pops
  • Harsh disciplines of the Ford Model Agency; what models really eat, adventures with Claude Picasso and Andy Warhol, my brother takes his life in my apartment
  • Fall in love with a Swiss psychotherapist, discover he’s a heroin addict/drugs dealer, marry to ‘rescue’ him from heroin, fail and divorce
  • Lessons learnt from a marriage, turn down James Bond film role, buy my mum a house
  • Time with Salvador Dali, my beloved mother dies
  • Quit modelling after location near-miss with poisonous snake, John McEnroe helps me to change career, marry my Mad Man adman lodger
  • Write and produce a TV documentary about Helmut Newton; he approves my feminist script
  • The coolest hotel in the world, cocaine, police arrest, produce ‘The Price of Fame’ tv special
  • Marriage to the ad-man ends, open a London deli, violent boyfriend steals, forces sale of my house, is imprisoned, then stalks me for years
  • Wise up to the chaos of rescuing damaged unstable men. Lessons learnt about mental health and suicide bereavement. Find love and happiness, and fulfilment with a company which delivers humanitarian aid products worldwide –rescuing those who truly need help rather than the ones who don’t attempt to help themselves.


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